Meet Priyanka Chadda Mehta: Mrs India Himachal Pradesh

Priyanka Chaddha Mehta Mrs India Himachal 2017
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In talks with Priyanka Chadda Mehta – Mrs. India Himachal Pradesh

Very first time most awakening show Mrs. India Himachal Pradesh was organised by an initiative of Mrs. Jaz Preet who herself is in Board of Directors of Mrs. India. While talking to the press, the organizers of the events told that this event is designed and organized to promote Himachali women, their talent and heritage and culture of Himachal Pradesh.
In Himachal, this pageant was organized by Himachal Film City. And the very first crown of Mrs. India Himachal Pradesh is embraced by Mrs. Priyanka Chadda Mehta.
She believes that Today is a gift that’s why it is called Present. She enjoys the life in moments and live it to the fullest.

Let us know more about this beautiful and confident lady, Mrs. Priyanka Chadda Mehta:

We request you to introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Priyanka Chadda Mehta. I have done my schooling from Auckland House School, Shimla and then I pursued my Bachelors in Dental Surgery from Solan. Presently, I’m working in a pharmaceutical company, Parexel  International.

Did you always want to participate in Beauty pageants?

I wanted to. But as I am short in height like five feet which doesn’t meet the eligibility criteria of pageants. So, I never participated and this was my first time.

Who influenced you to participate?

My sister, Sulakshana, she motivated and inspired me to participate. There is no criteria of age, height. Everyone can participate. She said that you should try for this and you can make it, and I am also participating. So, come and only because of her, I participated.The entire credit of my win goes to her.

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What was the reaction of your husband and family?

When I told my husband about auditions, he was perplexed as he never had any idea that I like modelling. He knows that I like acting and dancing and I have told him about joining the theatre but I never mentioned about such kind of stuff.

My family was very happy. They encouraged me to try it. My mother said that I wasn’t able to do such things but you have got a chance, so, you must go. They really boosted my confidence.

In fact, My mother is very pretty and she has good height. I used to ask her “Why don’t you try for movies?”

After I won, my husband was very happy. He told me that I was so scared if you didn’t win what will happen to me? she will ask lots of questions like where did I lack? Why didn’t I win? and you know how difficult are those questions to answer. But when the judges said that we have chosen the winner on the basis of confidence, then he was sure that it is me.

How did you feel when you were announced as the winner?

Before the results,when two title were being already given, my heart was sinking if I’ll win or not and I was feeling butterflies in my stomach 😀
There was good amount of competition. Everyone was talented.
When I was announced as the winner, I was little shocked. But then I was really very happy and I made it. I was excited to wear the crown.

How your life changed after this event?

When I went to office, everyone congratulated me. They were also surprised. People now give lot of importance.

When I went to home, my native place, Shimla, there was a grand reception by the entire colony. They greeted me with garlands and everyone praised. They all were proud and said that you’ve brought laurels to the society. My in-laws were also very happy. They are very supportive and simple.

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How do you balance your public and personal life?

I am in a learning phase, actually.
I am an introvert. Now, I have to talk to people. I have to stay socially more active. I have changed myself a lot and have put lots of efforts.

Plus, I have to give proper time to my husband and in-laws.

What is your big dream?

I always believe in achieving. My next goal is to go for nationals and to win the title.
I am doing hard work and grooming for that.

After achieving this, My next goal will be going for the internationals. and so-on.

Your theory of life?

I believe in living and enjoying the present. And I try to do as much as I can do. I focus on improving myself and learning new things.

I live in present. I do not repent for the past happenings and don’t worry about the future.

Today is a gift that’s why it is called PRESENT. and we all should live it to the fullest.

What kind of responsibility do you feel now?

People look to me now. They get inspired, so, this itself is a big responsibility to redeem.

I want to bring awareness in our state because we have ample amount of talent here and my main motive will be to diminish the poverty.

Lastly, few words of motivation for our readers.

Women of Himachal are beautiful already but they need to take a step ahead.
Have confidence. Show the world that you are worth it.

Whether someone supports you or not, If you have dream, you have to take the step. God will open up ways for you.

Just take the step and you will know that the path is already there.

Thank you Mam for your time. We are Himachali wishes you all the very best and may you achieve great heights of success in your life.

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