Rani Damayanti, Queen of Spiti, Passes away

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Rani Damayanti : Queen of Spiti Passes away

The Queen of Himachal Pradesh’s Spiti royal family, Rani Damayanti has passed away. 78-year-old Rani Damayanti passed away on cardiac arrest at Dehradun on Wednesday night. It is said that she was ill for past few days. There was wave of mourning in Spiti following the news of death of their queen. The Kaza market of the valley was closed after her demise.

Her body was brought from Dehradun to Quling village of Spiti, where a large number of people paid tribute to her. Many public figures were present in the funeral of the Queen.

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Rani Damayanti was also the president of Project Implementation Committee for 23 years and was once president of Spiti block committee. Rani Damayanti, as TAC member, played an important role in the development of SPITI valley. On her death, MLA Ravi Thakur, former minister Dr. Ramlal Markandeya, former CPS Thakur Raghuvir Singh and Yuvraj Bodh have expressed condolences.

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