Rising talent Cricket Academy – A forward step for Cricket in Himachal

rising talent cricket academy shimla himachal pradesh
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Rising Talent Cricket Academy is headed by ICC certified coach and former HPCA player Rishabh Chauhan

Rising talent cricket academy is first of its kind modern private facility for cricket enthusiasts located in Shimla Himachal Pradesh. The founder of the academy Mr. Rishabh Chauhan himself is ICC certified coach and a former player at Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association. The academy caters the young talents looking forward to take cricket as a career or just to remain fit. Here is an interview with the founder of the Rising Talent Cricket Academy – Mr. Rishabh Chauhan where we talked about the present and future of the rising talent cricket academy.

  • First of all, we would like to know about you, where do you come from, what have you done academically and who is who in your family.

    Rising Talent Cricket Academy Founder Rishabh Chauhan
    Rising Talent Cricket Academy Founder Rishabh Chauhan

My name is Rishabh Chauhan and I belong to Shimla. I am former Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association player and certified cricket coach ( LEVEL 2 ) from International Cricket Council Dubai. I did my schooling from Bishop Cotton School Shimla thereafter went to Chandigarh for further studies, I have also completed Ll.B. from Dehradoon. In my family, I have my wife and my parents.

  • What inspired you to venture into this work. When did you take the big leap of doing so and why?

My inner belief and passion for cricket inspired me to start this new venture in Shimla. Once a cricketer is always a cricketer. Sitting behind the laptop in the Corporate sector was never my cup of tea.  I thought how could I utilize my energy in cricket. So after discussion with my coaches and friends, I started this venture. I thought to coach young budding cricketers of Shimla and started my journey as a  cricket instructor.

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  • Did you get any support of the government for this? If any please tell us and if not, what are your views about what steps should our government take for uplifting out talents in sports?
We are hoping that the government would provide us the basic infrastructure i.e. playground so that maximum exposure and matches may be played by the cricketers.  That will provide much-needed confidence to the young cricketers.
  • Do you people only train in cricket or in other sports as well? How many coaches are there and any specific qualities and qualifications of coaches you would like to tell us about? Kindly also add the mentors and other people who are with you and supporting the idea.
Yes, our specialty and qualification are both in cricket. We have few coaches who  had played different level of cricket for Shimla and Himachal Pradesh. Firstly we are thankful to school managements who has permitted us to use their open premises for practice.  Secondly Shimla District Cricket Association for their guidance and support. At last my parents, Wife Friends and relatives without their love and support, it could have been started. Rising Talent Cricket Academy is a registered society under Society Registration Act and Cop the guidance of my father and other members of my family.
rising talent cricket academy shimla himachal pradesh
  • How many students are currently there and other than training how are you promoting their talents, like through competitions and other things you would like to share.
In Shimla, people have shown much enthusiasm for cricket and in future, we are hoping for much more. We organize Inter  Academy Championship for senior and juniors groups this month and in future, our academy will tie up with different academies in other states and also provide maximum exposure  Internationally to young budding cricketers of Shimla.

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  • With what vision you started the academy and what are your plans for the future as a commercial sports academy and as an academy spearheading the sports revolution in the state.
We have started this academy to promote cricket and give exposure to young budding cricketers of Shimla and provide high-quality cricket in Shimla. As Rising Talent Cricket Academy, we are the first private cricket academy in Shimla and there is more responsibility on our shoulders to show good academic results in the field of cricket.
  • Why do you think sports is important for people? and why do you think that many people shy from opting for sports now?

Any sports is good for better mental and physical development of the body. No, I don’t feel that people of Shimla are shy for opting any sports as we are getting positive response towards RTCA by people of Shimla. Nowadays parents are becoming more aware to get there children indulge in some kind of sports along with studies.

Rising talent cricket academy Shimla Himachal Pradesh

  • What do you think is the reason for our country poor performance in sports worldwide, do you think, youth throwing their body and life into unhealthy activities is a big reason, your thoughts?

Personally, I think that our country is doing good in sports worldwide. I agree that there is a lack of basic infrastructure in rural as well as the urban area. Also, lack of knowledge among coaches. Yes, most of our youth are indulging in unhealthy activities and their energy is going waste. So one of the aims of this venture is to make the youngsters aware about to live healthily and physically fit.

  • What more could be done in to promote sports among our people, of all age?
We may spread knowledge regarding sports through social media in urban as well as in rural areas. Also, we need to get over from past generation that “Khelo Ge Kudo Ge Honge Khrab Padho Ge Likhoge Banoge Nawab”
  • Finally any message for people who would be reading this?
Rising Talent Cricket Academy is a startup to promote young budding cricketers and give them the opportunity to show their talent and skill in sports. It would be great if more initiative is taken in other sports as well and hope Government would provide ground as there is a scarcity of playground in Shimla, in view of having a lot of interest in the young generation.

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We wish Mr. Rishabh Chauhan and Rising Talent Cricket Academy very best for the future. For any of our audience wish to get in contact with the academy they can follow their official FACEBOOK PAGE BY CLICKING HERE
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