RK Vines – “When you are pahadi” goes viral

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Rakshit wanted to create a vine especially for his friends from mountains and thus this viral video came out

Life is a struggle when you are from mountains. Not because you have bad atmosphere to live in but because you have many friends from plains who have these curious minds which are filled with “ajeeb-o-garib” questions like- “Tumahre ghar pahad pr kaise tikte hain”RK Vines, Rakshit Kohli, Vines

You might have encountered few of such incidents. So Rakshit thought of making a video to which people of himachal Pradesh can relate and here it came under title of “When you are Pahadi”

Rakshit Kohli, a lad from Jammu and Kashmir studying engineering in Chandigarh university.Born to an Engineer father, he started making videos in 2014 with one of his friend, later in 2015 he started his own facebook page and YouTube channel name: RK vines. He was the first to do so from his locality and the channel now has more than 50 videos.

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The inspiration for making videos was from Dhoombros and zaidali in 2014.” He told us in an online interaction.” I have interest in making videos and making people smile. I will keep making videos even after completing my graduation.” Rakshit added.
You can see the video here

When asked what drove him to make a video on Himachal and its people, he said-” The thrill for visiting the mountains remain unmatched. The cold breeze the Himalayan highway. As mostly my college friends are from Himachal and i have been there many times. And I must say there is love in the hills of Himachal. Just as in case of Kashmir.”

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