Sangla,Satluj and Pabbar valley

Satluj Himachal Pradesh
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Valleys of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a haven for the adventure lovers. The Hills and Valleys of Himachal Pradesh offers the best experience in ones life.So Today we talked about Sangla Valley,Satluj Valley and Pabbar Valley.
1. *Sangla Valley:This valley is also known as Baspa Valley,got its name from Baspa river .It lies in Kinnaur district from the height 1830 m to 3475m(Chitkul last village of Kinnaur).At the head of the valley lies the lofty Chung Shakhago Pass.Heavy snowfall occurs in upper ranges so hardly any vegetation grown there.Deodar,Blue pines ,Firs and silver birchin are the prominent vegetation in upper zones.Kamru and Sangla are the major village in this Valley.As I told you earlier ,this Valley is also known as Baspa Valley,Baspa river is the tributary of Sutluj.This valley is closed to Tibetan border,it starts at Karcham and ends at chitkul.This valley offers picturesque view of High mountains.It is located in the Greater Himalayan Range.The valley is rich in apple orchards,apricot,wallnut, and
Cedar trees .The great Himalayan kamru fort,Mata devi temple and Baring Nag temple lies in this valley.Agriculture is the main occupation while apples are major cash crops here.This valley is closed during winters i.e Dec-May.
2. *Satluj Valley:It is s long valley formed when satluj enter at Shipki in Kinnaur,the extend of this valley is from Shipki to Bilaspur.This river cuts Dhauladhar,Pir Panjal,Main Himalayan and Zaskar Range.The main town lies on its banks are Bilaspur,Rampur, and Bhabha.This valley is surrounded by Rocky hills and snowy peaks.*
3. *Pabbar valley:This valley is also known as ROHDU VALLEY lies in Rohdu(131 km from Shimla).In this valley river Pabbar flows which originates From CHANSAL PEAK south of Kinnaur valley extends from HATKOTI upto TIRKI at the base of CHANSAL.Many small khads and streams are its tributaries,the important of them are ANDHRA KHAD,PEJORE and SHIKRI STREAM.The altitude of this valley varries from 1500 to 5000 m . This valley is very hot during summers.People here are simple,Hard working and fond of fairs and festivals.Singing and Dancing is the main act during Fairs and Festivals . Main crops of this Valley are Maize,Barley,Wheat,Pulses,Rice and Potato.Pabbar river is very much famous for trout fish which was introduced by Mr. Glover a british chief constructor of forest in 1938-39.*

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