The Warrior Factory : First fully equipped gym and dojo for fitness enthusiasts in Himachal

the warrior factory gym solan
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The Warrior Factory is not just a name, we intend to make people reach past their limits and explore their true potential : Founders

The warrior factory gym located in Solan Himachal Pradesh is founded by a family having a long-lasting reputation in the field of Martial arts.

The gym/dojo is found in the honour of late sensei Yogesh Jaswal who was one of the oldest martial artists of Himachal Pradesh, it was his long dream to have a dojo equipped with modern facilities to train the young guns of the state in the art of self-defence.the warrior factory gym solan

The gym is Spearheaded by his three younger brothers- Ajay Jaswal, Sanjay Jaswal, Bhupender Jaswal & their nephew Yatin Jaswal who all are black belts in martial arts.

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The gym is one of the first private facility in Himachal which not just work on your fitness but are fully equipped with the modern day dojo facility. Students from all walk of their life can learn from a variety of martial arts ranging from Kodu, Karate, kickboxing, MMA and many more.

The main emphasis is given on CrossFit, callisthenics and overall fitness. The family running this place has a history of bringing laurels to the state in national and international level martial arts competitions.

the warrior factory gym solan


From basic martial art training for kids to the intense one for the grown up and from weight loss to weight gain; everything is covered under one roof. The students and the members of the gym range from age 3 to 60.

One can pick from different courses available to suit his/her fitness goal.

Inaugurated by Sports minister Himachal Pradesh Sh. Govind Thakur on 15th of August 2018, the gym/dojo has reached around 100 registrations in a month.

The membership fee for the gym is Rs. 1000 and 20 % discount for students, national or state players of any sport. Dojo have an admission fee of Rs. 1000 with a monthly fee ranging from 500 to 1500 depending upon the art you prefer.

the warrior factory gym solan

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They can also be contacted on the following numbers 8219191365 9882210571 9418106319 9805424442

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