UdayRaj : How two brothers stormed the advertisment industry of Himachal

Uday Kapoor UdayRaj Advertisment Himachal Pradesh
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Udayraj advertisers: Read the inspirational story about the duo who started with nothing and now perhaps the greatest name in Himachal advertisement industry

UdayRaj advertisers: the name is hard to ignore in Himachal Pradesh. By one medium or another, you might have bumped into them. You might have known them from what they sell but have you any idea how they reached to the level on what they are. Today’s article is about two brothers initiated into advertisement industry with little knowledge and now sitting on the top of the chart with sheer hard work and work ethics.

We reached Mr Uday on his phone number and later met him in person. Little we expected about their inspiring story.

Founded almost a decade ago in 2009 by only two brothers, Udayraj advertisers have three offices now in Shimla, Solan and Chandigarh (Zirakpur). They started with two people, both brothers ( named Uday Kapoor and Rajat Kapoor) and now have almost 40 people’s staff with a turnover in crores.


“This is just the beginning,” said the 30years old elder brother, Mr Uday when asked how he feels about what they have achieved. “we are just getting started and will do more in the industry.”

“Ambitions should not be settled for less. One must not be greedy but one should be very hardworking and have insane work ethics to reach his/her true potential, we are doing good but our true potential is yet to

Uday Kapoor UdayRaj Advertisment Himachal Pradesh

be achieved and we are not willing to settle for less, no one should!” said Mr Uday in a one on one conversation with our team.

Starting from a PCO in Shimla hills, the brothers, slowly and steadily moved into internet cafe business. Little they knew then that they would be spearheading the advertisement business of Himachal in some years.

“We were asked by a client to make a flex and we outsourced it, it happened more than a couple of times when we thought why not do it by ourselves, why not start our own advertisement company and then started our journey.” Mr Uday shared.

Their journey was not smooth though, they met a lot of naysayers and met a lot of criticism from the people around but they were determined. Now after 9 years they have proved them all wrong.

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“Himachal is a small state, but our people had to rely on Chandigarh for every advertisement need. We wanted to change that, now everything is available here in Himachal with us and no work is outsourced. We made sure that the price should be affordable so that our people could not be exploited by the big firms outside the state, this was our vision and still is.” said the elder of two brothers.

Uday Kapoor UdayRaj Advertisment Himachal PradeshBut there is no great story where the person it revolves around did not have to take the big leap. We asked about Mr Uday’s big leap of faith.

“I once had a job in Chandigarh where they paid me 2500 per month, had I been doing it even now, I would have been earning what? 10,000 or 20,000 rupees per month. It was then when it struck me that I want to do something valuable. I quit it and that was the best decision of my life.” shared Mr Uday.

The duo which handles clients like Vivo, GBP, Toyota, Honda and all major universities in Himachal was once not able to pay a monthly instalment of 4000 rupees of their Maruti Suzuki which was taken away by the bank, now they have a fleet of luxury cars which includes Mercedes and Toyota Fortuner to name a few.

“It’s not luck, its sheer hard work and work ethic, we idealise Mr Vishal Anand (Anand Group Himachal) and Mr Raman Gupta(Director GBP) who taught us about communication and work ethic, they were the people who believed in us and played a huge role in making what UdayRaj what it is today.

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With over 300+ sites in Himachal and around they are all set to get into the event management industry in a few months.Uday Kapoor UdayRaj Advertisment Himachal Pradesh

“We will provide A-Z solutions for weddings by the beginning of 2019. From cards to the costumes of the lucky couple, everything will be managed under one roof.”Director of UdayRaj told Team We Are Himachali.

A duo which started with nothing to reach this height, it was obvious for us to ask what their message for people who wish to break barriers and do something unconventional.

“Just take all the criticism as constructive one, there would be people who will tell you not to do this and that, don’t listen to them and believe in yourself. There is a difference between knowledge and education. Accumulate knowledge about your industry, learn everything you can, work insanely  hard and always believe in yourself, you can achieve whatever you want.”

With a lot more to come from the duo of UdayRaj, we could only wish best for their future.

You can reach their website by Clicking here > UdayRaj

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