Prajwal Busta: The Youngest BDC Chairperson in India

Prajwal Busta : Youngest BDC Chairperson Of India
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PRAJWAL BUSTA: The Youngest BDC Chairperson in INDIA

Prajwal Busta, is full of commitment towards serving the society and she believes that a successful politician does not have convictions, he has emotions. She is the youngest BDC chairperson of India. She recently got felicitated at HT youth form, Young Achievers Award Top 30 Under 30 on 26th of May.
And today we are introducing you to the youngest BDC (Block Development Committee) chairperson, Prajwal Busta who is full of emotions of service towards the society, people and nation. She is a trained classical dancer and loves to write poems.

She wants youth to participate more in Politics because Politics is the art of next best.

We request you give an introduction of your to our readers.

Prajwal Busta, I am a Panchyat Samiti Chairperson of Kotkhai Block in Shimla district. I am the youngest BDC Chairperson of India (as she became chairperson at an age of 21).
I did my graduation from RKMV and now I’m pursuing my law degree from HP University.
I am a trained classical dancer.

What are the views of people of your locality about you and your work?

They love me and they have lots of expectations from me. Their response is positive and good which motivates me more to do more.
Sometimes I feel bad when I could not complete any work on time as we come across many problems sometimes due to budget.
I do every work as if its my own and I do make this sure that I’m approachable to everyone.
People treat me like their own daughter, sister and friend. So, everything is going very good and I want to do more good to our society.

What are the changes needed in politics of Himachal?

We need youth in politics. Because most of the political leaders are old aged and we need new people with new way of thinking. Youth is the power and has the power that can change the Nation. They need to take interest in Politics and participate more for the development of Himachal.
We need better infrastructure and better education system. Government is opening schools but teaching staff lacks there. People want exposure and they prefer private schools and moving out of their villages, cities etc. Youth is unemployed.
Our state is full of talent but we are lacking somewhere.

How do you feel as the Youngest BDC chairperson in India?

It is very important that you have to look after all the Panchayats of your block and listen to and solve the problems of people, There are 48 Panchayats in my Block.
This is a very big responsibility and I am grateful to the people that they have given me this chance to serve at such a young age.

I feel proud and grateful and at the same time, Responsible. Social work is my passion and so people motivated me to contest for elections and they voted for me. I have got good response from everyone and from everywhere. People praise, support and all this is very inspiring.

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You were being felicitated on May 26 at HT youth Forum, TOP 30 Under 30. Share your experience with us.

It was a big platform given by Hindustan Times. We were being given YOUNG ACHIEVERS AWARD. It was a great honour; Capt. Amarinder Singh, 26th chief minister of Punjab, felicitated us. There was a panel for discussion consisting of Anil Kapoor, Tapsee Panu, Imitiaz Ali, Gautam Gambhir and many eminent personalities were there. I was the only one from Politics and one more girl Sarpanch from Mandi.

Your Hobbies.

I love to dance, I am a trained Classical dancer and I’ve also given dance tuition. I am poetic too; I love to write poems and have recited them many times on AIR too. Travelling, yes I also like it.

You were interested in Journalism? Tell us about that.

I wanted to be in Journalism. I tried for Punjab-Himachal TV channel- Channel 9 as they needed an anchor. I went for auditions and got selected. I worked there and it was a good experience. I learnt many things. I met many people at Vidhan Sabha, Secretariat as I took interviews and have done coverage of meetings. It was a great learning experience which has helped me in Politics too.

You prefer being called as a social worker rather than a Politician? why?

Well all politicians are social workers. They are the direct representatives of people. But this is a trend or the mind set of people that politicians are people who are not approachable by the commons.
And I want to be approachable to all and sundry and serve them. That’s why I prefer being called as Social worker.

What are your plans for the society during your tenure?

I want to improve the education system of my area. And I want that the government schemes for the women and girls reaches to the ladies of my area and they all get benefited.

I have taken the responsibility to make it sure that the government schemes reach every home and every people. I want to serve every person but not by doing any construction. I want to motivate people and strengthen them. This is my priority.

Elections are coming… so what will be the major agenda of BJP?

I can’t tell this as I don’t know about this. The senior leaders may know and only they can tell this. BJP wants development and Modi ji also motivates youth to come forward and focuses on them. We definitely want development of Himachal. There is lack of staff in various departments; we have lot of work to do and to focus on for the development of our state.

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What is more important; Party Or Leader?

Nation first. As Modi ji says, Do what is in the favour of nation. If Modi ji would be in Congress, I’d have appreciated him and his ideology and If anyone else were in the place of Modi ji, I’d have supported him too. Because your vision is more important than any party. What matters is the WORK. What is right that is right and the wrong is wrong. You should always support the right and oppose the wrong. I have learnt this from my party and this is the philosophy of our party. That’s why our party is unique in its own way.

Why did you want to be a politician?

I want to do social work. Politics is the best way to do social work because you have more power. People listen to you and you can reach to the higher authorities easily. But if you are a social worker, and you are working with NGO, then it takes time and more efforts and as a person in politics, you can do it better and efficiently.

What are your next plans?

I haven’t made any plans. If people will choose me for their service again, it will be an honour. I don’t know what will be the situation at that time. I always had an interest in politics & serving people and with God’s grace and the blessing of people, I got this chance so early.

Youngsters, at this age, prepare for exams and jobs, so why not Politics?
We need to think in a new way for the betterment and change.

Who inspired you?

I had a rural background. My father is a farmer and mother, a home-maker. I am ambitious and wanted to study and but there was none to guide us that what to do after 10+2. I went to college, gave tuition to students and even taught dance classes and completed my studies. I worked in news channel and whenever got any chance to work with NGOs and in NSS, I was always an active volunteer.
I have always stayed close to people and among them, and this has deeply inspired me.

How do you balance between your personal and public life?

There is nothing like personal, as of now. My Public life is my personal life.
YES! now I don’t get time for my dance classes and to write poems. But I want and give more of my time to people to solve their problems.

What makes you happy?

I love to help people. People of lower classes are afraid to approach the leaders and I feel so bad. They are my priority and helping them makes me happy. I put my 100% efforts to every work and the results follow. I see every people as my family.

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Lastly, message to our readers?

I want to say to our youth that please join the politics. We are the future of this nation. We can decide for our self and we need to come forward for the betterment of our nation. Politics is the real future. Participate more with a positive attitude in the making of a better nation.
And whatever field, you may choose, do it with honesty and hard work. We are the makers of Nation. Take the responsibility.
Badlo soch tbhi toh badlega India.”

Big Thanks for your time. We wish you the success and may you create a golden era in the History of Himachal.


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