Classic Mrs India Himachal 2018 – Satwinder Kaur

Satwinder Kaur
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Classic Mrs India Himachal Winner – Satwinder Kaur

Winner of Classic Mrs. India 2018 – Satwinder Kaur

Today, we are going to know about a lady with whom you can fall in love in the very first meeting. She is so positive, enthusiastic and full of life. She is strong, she is emotional, she is love, she is beautiful, she is a woman. She is a woman driven by compassion, by faith, by her dreams and a heart full of love. She is outspoken, clean hearted, poetess, writer and an Artist.The most courageous act is to think for yourself.She took the courage to think for herself. She is a firm believer of God.She followed her dream and even made it a reality. We have only one life and we should live it to the fullest, to the fullest of our potential. We should be living a life which gives us mental peace, and happiness at heart.

Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning. Classic Mrs India Himachal 2018 winner Satwinder Kaur, also got the title of Extraordinary Mrs India Himachal Pradesh. She wants to become the voice of hope for women.

In Candid talk with Classic Mrs India Himachal Winner –  Satwinder Kaur

  • Mam, Tell something about yourself to our readers.

My name is Satwinder Kaur. I am 40 years old, mother of two kids, a son, 22 years old and a daughter 20 years old. I got married at an early age of 18. After that I did my Graduation, Post Graduation and MBA. Then I’ve worked in corporate sector for 16 years and few years back(five), I left my Job. After that I’ve made documentary movies for United Nations, worked for some NGOs. And I take care of my family and do whatever I want to do. I am also a member of PETA ( People for Ethical Treatment of Animals).

  • Why did you leave your job?

When I used to work in corporate sector, I had to work for long hours at the office. I had no time to think for myself. My office was 15 minutes away and those fifteen minutes, that was the time where I used to think about myself and that was my life for many years and it was not satisfying.मेरा वजूद कया है?So I decided to live for myself. after that, I wrote a book: The Man beyond his thoughtsI have written a song on the theme that Dreams should be limitless.खव्ाहिशों को रोकने का गुनाह न कर….. A company has bought its copyrights and soon it is going to release.

  • What is your theory of life?

Always follow your dreams. Ask for whatever you want. I have faith in God. And He has given me whatever I have asked for. But first you have to ask and progress in that direction. When a child cry, only then a mother feeds her baby. So, you have to do action. You won’t get anything unless you do something. There is nothing above God’s Grace. And yes there’s nothing that can stop you. Only you yourself are the barrier. Your Thoughts struck you. At least give a try once. Age is never a barrier, just your thinking. Think big and Achieve big.Don’t bother about what people will say? Either they will criticize or praise you. Be happy for being the subject of discussion.

  • How did the Idea of participating come into your mind?

One of my good friends. She told me about it and motivated me to go. Then I asked from myself that should I go or not. I took decision and then discussed it with my family.My kids and parents were also positive and I participated and won it. Classic Mrs India Himachal 2018.

  • How did you feel when you won this title Classic Mrs. India Himachal 2018 Satwinder Kaur?

I didn’t believe at first when my name was announced. It was the first time I participated in a beauty contest.I am still in the tune that I am the winner. It feels so great and obviously, I am happy.When the result was announced, I looked at my kids. They were overwhelmed, so happy and so proud of me. I felt as If I have won the whole world. It was a great achievement as everyone was happy.

  • What are your next plans?

Give my Best at the Nationals. I am preparing for the nationals and with everyone’s blessings and love, i’ll conquer it too. I also want to go on a TV show “BigBoss”. 

What according to you is needed to bring the change in Himachal?

I personally would like to work on two things i.e.

1. Education: Literacy rate should be 100%. After the grading system, the fear of failure up to 8th standard has gone from the people’s mind. They have become careless. Parents also have become careless. Students don’t attend their classes and during further studies, they the students and teachers face lots of challenges. This needs to be changed. Children are the building blocks of our society. Strong education, strong youth and strong nation.

2. Organ Donation: Medical system also needs a change. We lack proper facilities in government hospitals and the private ones with facilities are way expensive for common peoples.Organ donation is the best thing that every human can do. Accidents affected people are in need of organs some time and your organ can save the life of an Individual. You are giving life to an individual. What a blessing!

  • what are your plans?

I have donated my eyes and this week I will donate all my organs. As it is said, Charity begins at home. First of all, I will register my family for the organ donation and then I will aware the people around and gradually will take this to a bigger level.

  • A message to our lovely readers.

Dreams should be limitless. Don’t be influenced by what other people say, do what you are good at and what you want to do in life.

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I believe and everyone will agree that A woman is a full circle. Within her is the ability to create, nurture, and transform.

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