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A boy who utilized his negative emotions and made something very productive out of that. A guy, who is just 20, has become very popular not only in Shimla but also in Himachal and even outside Himachal Pradesh. He is fun loving, a positive personality and sweet person. People who can make others laugh are gems and here we are going to know some more things about such a person.

Lets meet Pawan Dragta, popularily, known as Dragta Ji.

A brief introduction to our readers?

My name is Pawan Dragta. I am from Kotkhai, Shimla, 20 years old. D.O.B. is 22-09-1998. I am a YouTuber. That’s it. Haha

And… I have done my 10+2 in Non-Medical from GSSS Chhota Shimla. Then I entered into the world of engineering. But somehow, it didn’t go well.

Now, I am pursuing B.A. in Journalism from Rajiv Gandhi Government Degree College, Shimla aka Kotshera.

I like to sing, to make videos for people, so that they can enjoy and be aware of the trends. I have been posting videos on YouTube for past one year.


From where did you get the motivation or this idea of making YouTube videos?

I was a heartbroken guy.

I was doing B.Tech from Panipat. At That time I had breakup with my first ever Girlfriend and I had no idea of what to do next. It was very devastating for me. Then I came back to Shimla and discontinued B.Tech. and started going to coaching classes for further preparations of Jee.

Then, One day, one of my friends, who was doing something on phone and I asked him, so he told me that he makes roasting videos for youTube. (His name isVarun Shah.)

And I was like, Bawa ye kar sakta hai, to m kyun nhi. If he can do this, why can’t I? I asked my mum and she suggested me that you are talkative, so you can use that quality and this idea of public reaction videos came up.

So, the name of your channel, Dragta Ji? Tell us something about that?

Earlier when I used to tell people my name, they used to get it confused with Bragta. I wanted to Differentiate it with Bragta and make Dragta a popularized surname. And ji for the respect. The respect that I have for my parents, my family and myself.

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Dragta ji, Tell us about your Childhood?

I was a fat guy who tried to fit in every group. Society has made fatness a taboo, people don’t want to be your friend. Because of this, I had to be sacrificial and that sacrifice was of my respect, self respect . They used to crack jokes on me and I had to laugh on myself, just so that I can have friends.

I was a sincere child. My parents have taught me to respect others and people use to admire me for my cute and sincere behavior. I was good in studies and teachers also praised me.

Dragtaji childhood pic

Any incident you would like to share with us.

I was in 8th standard. It was on a graduation day in our school, there was a 3 minutes slot and I told my teachers that I want to sing a song. I sang “Kehta hai joker” and everyone laughed. I was really disheartened. But from that I have never felt the stage fear. 

What are your future plans?

Right now, I am focused on YouTube. Plus, I host many events as an anchor.

I want to earn the value so that the value of my degree gets nullified. I do not even want to be part of Media because the originality hasn’t remained in it.

But yes I want to influence Youth, I want my voice to have this much value and strength.

I want to become the Most Popular Youtoooberrrrr and this year I want to cross 1 Million mark.

Do you feel any pressure as YouTube is the Trend these days and we all know, there’s a lot of competition out there?

Yes. I feel pressure. A lot of pressure. People want more videos, this is the pressure.

This is good!

I am one man who shoots, edits and do all the stuff. So it takes me time make a new video.

Even on the 31st, I made a video on year review and I had to upload that video but I have done a “kaand”, I slammed my laptop and it isn’t working. So, my friend Himanshu Sharma,he helped me and I could post that video; else it would have been a waste.

In Himachal, I don’t feel anyone as my competitor, sb “Bhailog” hai. I want this community to grow in Himachal and make it bigger than ever. So that parents don’t say to their children that don’t become a YouTuber. We should become role models for the future Youtubers.


How did your parents react first and How do they react now?

They were shocked.

 My first video was on Dirty words from English to Hindi. They were like what is this rubbish, Nonsense? Initially, they weren’t that supportive, especially my mother. Then That so wanted turn, change and a curve came to my life, Pahari song by foreigners wala video went viral. It went viral whole through my village and in all my family groups over whatsapp. Then, my mom got appreciation calls from my relatives.Taarifein…

And they felt like I am doing something and now I have a full support from their side.

Now, you have become popular, so how does it feel like? How do you feel?

I remember one line from the marvel“With great powers, come great responsibilities”.

People starts expecting from you. They message you but it’s not possible to reply to every message and more difficult to chat.  Hatred is also there.

But, it’s good. I am doing my work and happy doing it.

If Dragta ji wouldn’t be a YouTuber, what else would he be?


Or doing engineering from Bahra or APG.

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You are cute. Do you like being called cute? How do you react to these compliments?

“Fark hi nhi pdta”

I stay positive all the time. Plus cute being a boy is ok. 

It’s a societal mindset that boys can’t be cute, boys can’t wear pink. This is just in their minds, which is not right. Anyone can do everything.

You sing. Tell me about this. What are your plans about this?

Firstly, I am focused on increasing the size of my family. When I will have a big family, I will for sure, work on singing projects.

Will you go on Rakhi Sawant and Deepak Kalal’s Marriage?

Yes. I’ll have to go. Coz I will get new content and Maybe I-phone 12 too 😀 (Big LAUGHTER)

How’s your last year and now how’s new year going? What do you want to accomplish in 2019?

2018 was good. And it really boosted me. Now, this year, I will make video on every event or days celebrated throughout the year.

I want to spread awareness among the masses and yeah 100k subscribers this year!

Dragta ji, you know very well, Chitta has spread all over the Himachal. How can you use your platform to spread awareness about this?

I am working on this since a month. I do not want it to be funny or entertaining or like I have done a great work. But I want to have an impact on people even if one life will get saved and aware, I will feel happy.

Dragta ji, tell us about the editing and the camera you use for your videos?

I record videos on my phone and I do all the editing by myself. Unlike earlier, now I edit videos with more caution and with a vision that what audience wants and what would they love.

Ok, now Your Favorite color – Blue and Black

Favorite place (except Shimla)- Dharamshala

Your own Favorite Video-Santa theme

and Subject- Physics, Chemistry and Maths

Actress- Deepika Padukone

Actor- Ranvir Singh

Youtuber-Bhuvan Bam

What do you want to say to our audience?

Thanks to all the support you have given to me. Keep supporting like this and help me reach 1M mark.

Whenever you see me anywhere, come and talk to me. It gives me motivation.

Dragta Ji

What message would you like to give to other content makers?

Don’t take it for granted. People have the power so, be humble. “log utha sakte hai toh gira b sakte hai”

& Keep making videos.

Thank You!

picture credits DragtaJi

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