Miss Himachal 2018: Karuna Verma

Karuna Verma Miss Himachal 2018
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Miss Himachal 2K18: Karuna Verma

Miss Himachal 2018, Karuna Verma believes, “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.”

She loves mathematics and is also our Miss Himachal. Well, Girls are succeeding in every field today. And we all must feel proud. Parents feel their child might get dis attracted from the studies if participated in such activities. Clearly it is not the case. Overall development of a child is very important. We should let Children do whatever they want. What makes you feel happy, Do that. Because you are never too young and never too old.

So, let us meet our Miss Himachal 2018, Karuna Verma and know about her a little more.

  • Give a brief introduction to our readers.

Hello everyone, I am Karuna Verma. I am from Balt, from the “Balh District of Mandi”. I have done my graduation in Mathematics from VGC Mandi and now I am pursuing my masters in Mathematics.

My hobbies are singing, reading books (inspirational), cooking Because I am myself a foodie, and Travelling with my all time favourite. Ah! about my family, We are seven family members. Me, and my two beautiful sisters, parents and grandparents.

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  • How did you feel when announced as the winner of Miss Himachal 2018?

That was the best feeling I ever had. When they announced Tag No. 6 Karuna Verma is Miss Himachal 2k18, This feel is still with me. I was very happy and my parents proud.

  • Tell us about your experience during this pageant?

The experience was awesome. I must say, “one of the best experience”. Because I got to learn so many things from so many beautiful, confident and talented co-participants.

  • Your Inspiration?

My parents. (My maa and Paa)


  • Would you like to share your favourite childhood memory?

Too many memories.

  • Where do you see yourself after five years?

I see myself as a successful person, it can be a supermodel, Miss World (Dream of my life) or it can be a lieutenant.

  • What will be your message to the girls who also aspire to come into this field?

Just believe in yourself. Have faith in your capabilities and also know your own limits and work hard for it. Be a happy person inside, this is the most important thing.

We should enjoy what we do and that’s what I have been doing so far and maybe that’s why I am here today. If anyone wants to come and experience Miss Himachal and explore themselves, they should come without fear of rejection and give it their best shot irrespective of what the results are and without having any negative feelings.

Just come and do your Best.


  • What responsibility do you feel you have towards society?

Being crowned as Miss Himachal means that you are hailed by the judges to fill in huge shoes throughout your reign. I feel I should respect the atmosphere, appreciate the culture, and know basic greetings, traditions and beliefs of my state. The primary responsibility is to promote the Miss Himachal in our society. To inspire and motivate every girl of our Himachal. Titles come with responsibilities.

  • What new experiences you have after winning the crown?

A lot of experiences are there, facing new people; I learnt to do many new things.

After winning the crown, my confidence is boosted and many more beautiful experiences like travelling new places with new friends, exploring new things, photo shoots, shows, everything is a beautiful experience in itself.

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  • Some words for our readers.

First of all, Thank You.

And I just want to say “keep your dreams alive” Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, Vision, hard work, determination and dedication. Remember, all things are possible for those who believe.

Believe in yourself.


Thank you for your time. WeAreHimachali wishes you good luck for your future endeavours. 

Thank You.

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You can get in touch with her on Instagram @Karuna1997

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