Satwinder Kaur: An example of Nothing To Something

Satwinder Kaur
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Satwinder Kaur : A meeting with her

It is always a treat to meet people who are full of life!

Satwinder Kaur: An Introduction in my words

I got a chance to meet one such incredible woman. She is also the winner of Mrs. India Himachal Pradesh 2018. Additionally, she got the title of Mrs. Extraordinary at this event. Then, She went to the Mrs. India 2018 held at Chennai; there She won the title of Mrs. India Sporty Attitude 2018. And I must say, She is extraordinary and she has the sporty attitude but she is much more than this.

This is just a small and hollow introduction about her. She is so inspiring and positive. O come on, Let us know her a little more.

Firstly, I want to share that I am highly motivated after meeting her and Glad that I got the chance to spend time with her.

The first and foremost thing you can notice in her is her positive attitude.

She is a learner. She is bold and daring.

Satwinder Kaur Life Story

There is a story behind every human being. Actually, your daily life and experiences makes up the story of your life.

She was born with the silver spoon in her mouth. But something unusual happened in her life and her childhood took a twist. She says that she got matured early; Plus, didn’t get chance to go to college. And then, got married at an early age. She did her studies after marriage along with the job and taking care of her children.

I won’t be able to do justice to her story. She is writing a book about her life story named, “ NOTHING TO SOMETHING” which will definitely be an inspiring tool to every person that how to win over the obstacles of life. And specially, it will give a great message to every woman that they are capable of doing miracles. I am very excited to read this book.

She has written a song. It has very beautiful lyrics. She loves to write and also wants to do stand up comedy. As she told me in her last interview that she wishes to go on the TV show BIG BOSS. I wish to see her soon there. It will be a fun to watch her. Maybe next year 😉 

Satwinder Kaur : Organ Donation Awareness Program

She is all set to spread awareness on Organ Donation. She deeply relates to it and is actively working on this project. I request every person reading this support organ donation. Besides this, she is also the part of PETA.

She is Full of Life.

She is living life to the fullest and on her own terms. Her family is very supportive. It is said that happy family is a heaven. This is one of the examples.  Ooo to tell you, Satwinder Kaur is the mother of one boy and one girl. Decent son, pretty daughter, understanding wife and a responsible husband.

I got to see her Shayrana Andaaz.

People say that age is mere a number but Satwinder Kaur proves it. She has proven it & is so energetic and full of new ideas, still learning and lives in the present.

Doing her household chores, from going to gym, spending time with children, praying to God, making time for her self, She does this all with a beautiful smile. What more can I say.

Her Smile! Her Eyes!

Recently, she got the WOMAN OF THE MILLENNIUM AWARD.

She has big plans and she has started to execute them with the small steps.

I wish her all the success and happiness. My Gratitude to her.

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