Shimla : Timelines of History Related to Shimla during British Era

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History of Shimla: Apt for preparation of competitive examinations

Shimla is well known to all of us as a Queen of hills. It became a district of Himachal in 1966. During the British rule, it was considered as the summer capital of India. There are much more relevant points about the hill queen. So let’s make you all aware about twenty important points about The Capital city.

1.Holly Lodge: CM Virbhadra Singh is the current occupant of this lodge. It was built in 1930 by Sophia Annie Cotton wife of G.E.L.

2. Shimla Municipal committee: Shimla Municipal committee was first constituted in 1852. It was given the status of a First Class municipality under the ACT of 1867.

3. The Ellerslie House or Himachal Pradesh Secretariat: This beautiful heritage building was designed by Lt. Colonel H.S. Abbott for the government use in 1886.

4. Rippon Hospital: Rippon Hospital was designed by Henry Irwin  and Completed in 1885 and  Declared open by Lord Dufferin on May 14, 1885, hospital was named after lord Rippon.

5. Gorton Castle : One of the most striking buildings of the British Empire, the Gorton Castle was built in the Neo-Gothic style of Architecture during 1901-04. It was once the Civil Secretariat of the Imperial Government of India and housed legislative, Land, Education, Health and Finance departments before it became the Office of the Accountant General in 1947. Even today this building houses the office of the Accountant General of Himachal Pradesh .

Indian institute of advanced studies Old Photograph Shimla Himachal Pradesh6. VICEREGAL LODGE: Viceregal lodge was CONSTRUCTED during the Viceroyalty of Lord Dufferin during 1884-1888 by Architect Henry Irwin, this building with Neo-Gothic architecture was the first building to have electric lighting in Shimla. This building, spread over 123 acres has been a witness to several historic moments. It was the venue of the Shimla Conference in 1945 and it was here that the decision of partition of India was taken in 1947. After Independence in 1947, the building became the property of the President of India and was renamed Rashtrapati Niwas  . Now it houses the Indian institute of Advanced studies.

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7. Shimla Deputation: On October 1, 1906, a group of Muslim representatives of Muslim elite of United Province and specifically from Aligarh, they met the Viceroy Minto at Shimla. They sought separate electorates and representation in excess of numerical strength in view of their loyalty towards the defence of the Crown Empire in India.
Soon afterwards, in the month of December 1906, Muslim League  was founded by Saalimulla and the members of the Deputation was found dominating the working of the Muslim League .

8. Mahatma Gandhi: Mahatma Gandhi first visited Shimla on 11th May 1921 and stayed at ‘SHANTI KUTIR” at SUMMER HILL. He was accompanied by Pt. MADAN MOHAN MALVIYA and LALA LAJPAT RAI.


9.Mahatma Gandhi: On May 12, 1921, MAHATMA GANDHI came to Shimla in order to have a MEETING with the VICEROY. He gave a speech to the people in the IDGAHA MAIDAN.

10. Mahatma Gandhi On 11th May 1931 to 17th May 1931: In this span of time MAHATMA GANDHI had a MEETING with LORD WILLINGDON in SHIMLA on VIOLATION Of PEACE Related Acts between Indian freedom fighters and British government by the British government.

11. Mahatma Gandhi On 13th July 1931 to 22nd July 1931: Again MAHATMA GANDHI visited SHIMLA from 13th July 1931 to 22nd July 1931 to have a DISCUSSION with lord WILLINGDON.

12. Mahatma Gandhi On 25th August 1931 to 27 August 1931: MAHATMA GANDHI visited SHIMLA in this span to have a talk with VICEROY and to have a discussion with GEORGE SUSTER in relation to SALT LAW.

13. Mahatma Gandhi On 28th June 1940: MAHATMA GANDHI visited SHIMLA on 28th June 1940 to talk in the context of SECOND WORLD WAR and our nation’s favour in that.

14. Mahatma Gandhi On 27th September 1940 to 30th September 1940: In this visit of MAHATMA GANDHI to Shimla, he informed the VICEROY that the war is being FORCED on the INDIAN Masses.

15. Mahatma Gandhi On 23rd June 1945 to 17th July 1945: MAHATMA GANDHI participated in the WAVELL Plan held in SHIMLA.

16. Mahatma Gandhi On 2nd May 1946 to 14th May 1946: MAHATMA GANDHI participated in the CABINET MISSION in Shimla and DISCUSSED on CRIPPS MISSION also.

17. Greeted with Black flags in Shimla: Mahatma Gandhi was Greeted  with BLACK FLAGS during 1945 in Shimla .

18. Ellerslie House Shimla: The Himachal Pradesh Government took over this building in 1967. Today, all the government activities are conducted from the Himachal Pradesh Secretariat. As the Himachal Pradesh rules the state from this building, the present and future of the citizens of state is decided here. Also, the State Legistlaure or Vidhan Sabha conducts the regular meetings in this building. So we conclude that this building is the base of Himachal.


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19. Shimla Municipal committee: Shimla Municipal committee was replaced by MUNICIPAL CORPORATION in 1978.




ii) A former residence of the VICEROY’S.

iii,) Venue of the trial of GANDHI’S KILLER DESTROYED in 1981.

These are main key points . Hope you may like it. You may mention your suggestions in the comment section below.

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