Hatu Temple and Trek: Spirituality & Adventure Together

Hatu Peak
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Hatu Temple and Trek: Spirituality & Adventure Together

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Hatu peak is located at a height of 3400 m/12000 ft above sea level. It is the highest peak in Shimla/Narkanda region of Himachal PradeshIndia.

You witness dense woods all around. Deodar forests and alluring valleys provide a mental peace. The area has forests of fir and spruce, with maple, aspen and cedar trees. You will find green fields and apple orchards too. If you love the Himalayas, you will definitely like this trek.  With every turn of the road, the scenery around you changes. The view from the top is awesome. Hiking is the best way to go ( I recommend ).


According to what locals say, this temple is the temple of wife of ‘Ravana’, ‘Mandodri’. People come in great number on the first Sunday of ‘Jeth’ (name of hindi month probably in June) to pay ritual here.
Goat sacrifice is still in practice here.
 it’s where the Pandavas brothers prepared and cooked their food during their agyaat vaas.

There is a legend, which comes from the Bhagwad Gita, that the Pandavas spent a part of their time in exile on the top of this Himalayan mountain, i.e. Hatu Temple.

After being lost in gamble, they were ordered to stay in exile from their clan for thirteen years. They also had to remain invisible to people for a period of one year. And if that condition be broken they had to spend a further thirteen years in exile (apparently they succeeded). There are two very big stones, shaped like a chullah called “Bheem Chullah” stands as an evidence in the vicinity.

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You can reach Hatu via NH-5 from Shimla.
you can go by a car, or by bus to Narkanda and then you can book a car or go on hiking. Bikers are also seen here throughout the year.
Distance (approx):
69 km
Time Taken (approx) :
2 hour 30 mins
 There is a small mud house near to this lake, which belongs to Gujjars from this region who move towards lower himachal in winters and come back in summers to enjoy the pleasant weather of this place.
There is no hotel or guest House at Hatu. But you can plan to stay at Narkanda which is just at a distance of 6 kms from Hatu. There is a HPPWD guest house at Hatu which can be booked and many trekkers comes with their own tents.
Hatu Peak is accessible all year around. This is at a great height so you can guess that it is mainly a cold region. And early snowfall is experienced here. Skiing is also done here in the winters during the snowfall. It is very cold in December and January.
Folks from all around the India come here and many bike lovers are also seen here on a road trip from Delhi, Chandigarh etc.
The Slope is not so steep but the curves can make you go round.
Other attractions:
Dhumari and Jau Bagh. Jau Bagh is a km from the Hatu temple and it’s another place that you would love to visit.
You will have good amount of pictures, memories and adventure here.
Temple: This temple is made up of wood. You will love the architecture of the temple and carvings done on the wood is difficult to explain in words. It is very beautiful and billions of rupee is being invested on the construction of this temple. This is a new temple; but there is also an old temple, you can find in the way about which locals do know.
You should also visit Tanajubbal lake or Tani Jubbar Lake. It is an oval shaped, artificially fed, shallow mass of water located near Narkanda. The water body is encircled by a paved pathway. This virtually lake is surrounded by cedar forests that make for a peaceful picnic setting.Tani Jubar Lake is also famous for the ‘Nag Devta’ temple, where the locals offer prayers to the serpent god.
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