Mr and Miss Himachali

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Send us your pictures on our facebook page with your name, age, email ID and whatsapp number. They will be uploaded on the page then. You can share it with your friends and tag them. You can also ask for commenting on it. Each thing will have points.

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The more your reach will be, more will your chances to get into THE FIRST ADVENTURE REALITY EVENT of Himachal. You get 1 point for like, 1 for comment, 2 for tag and 5 for each visible share. If someone enters contest on your referral, you will get 10 points.

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If at the end of contest, you get most points, you will be direct into final selected. Top 3 boys and 3 girls will compete against each other to be the WILD CARD and what will happen next is surprise. If you cant make it, you will get a discounted entry into the contest.

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Online referral bonus (Bonus Round)

Your first task for bonus points, to get the edge, you will be be given a picture from us which you will have to put on your social profile and invite friends. Each friend joining contest will give you 10 points.

Aptitude (Round 1)

Your aptitude skills will be tested and you will have to perform better than others here. Questions will be simple with a catch. This wont get you eleminated but your marks will join in to 2nd part of Round 1.

Yoga (Round 1)

Simple Yoga asans will be given and which will judge if you are capable of doing it. This will check your endurance and flexibility. Your marks joins in with your marks from Referrals and part 1 of round 1.

General knowledge (Round 2)

Questions on India, Himachal and World will take a drill. Questions would be from current affairs and textbook questions from NCERT till 10th. A simple exam to test your general knowledge. Harder than round 1.

Endurance Test

Exercises you thought were simple will take a toll this time. Harder than yoga but will test your skills and commitment to excel. We make sure you deserve to be in final slots. (All marks will be added)

Interview (Final Round)

On the basis of your mental and physical test, you will be shortlisted and will be forwarded to interview round. Interview will just check your personality and why we should have you on journey.

Loved it? Share with your friends

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